Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Diary - Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Diary,


We left home at 6:30. Our first stop was Winterset, IA, AKA John Wayne’s town. On our way we saw a town named What Cheer and an old snapping idiot and we didn’t get lost. We just simply needed gas.

Once we got to JWT (John Wayne’s Town) first we drove right by the place we wanted to go. Once we found it again we went into the gift shop to get our tickets for the tour of the house that Duke was born in. Did you know he was 13 lbs?! Ouch! We took pictures and then headed out to find a real Bridge of Madison County. We found Hogback Bridge. Not hard to find really. We took pictures and left our autographs. The poor truck turned brown. Little did we know it would get much dirtier!

When we left the bridge an Idiot was leading us into the woods so we decided to find our own way! There were some bumps, ok, craters in the dirt road along the way, but we found the highway. We are know headed for Omaha!

Got to Omaha at about 3:30ish. We drove right past our hotel. It’s kinda set back a little ways off the road so we didn’t see it the first time. When we finally got to the hotel after we checked in, we saw Brian Richardson, Kasey Hayes (they didn’t have him booked and the PBR told him that the hotel was in walking distance of the Qwest Center) while we were down there and parked the “Mud Wagon” we got lost between the parking ramp and the hotel. We actually ended up in the First National Bank headed for the 9th floor thinking we were in the hotel. The nice man at the bank steered us in the right direction. Thanks Nice Man at the Bank!

When we actually got back to the hotel as we were walking into the lobby Ashley noticed that Ross Coleman (one of her favorite riders) was down there talking with some peeps. Ross butt good as usual. Of course we couldn’t find the elevators and Ross was looking at us like we were the dumbest things to walk the face of the planet.

We rode in the elevator not one but two of the “Killer B’s” (the Brazilian’s) on our way out to the truck to clean off the window so we could see when we go to the event. We rode with Guilherme Marchi and Ednei Caminhas and stood there and giggled. The both smell really good. Then started talking in Portuguese and all was well in the world. When we came back from the truck we saw all of the “Killer B’s” – Adriano Moraes, Robson Palarmo, and a couple that I could not remember their names.

On our way out to go to the event we couldn’t get out of the parking garage because we didn’t have the little white ticket that we had to get when we went in and we both decided that we weren’t going to pay another $7.00 to park. Again, we didn’t get lost…we merely took the “scenic” route to the arena. The map was directionally challenged. We made it to the arena in one piece. We had a “communication error” in the parking garage and we saw both the first and the third floor of the parking garage before we made it actually inside the arena.

Inside the building we got our day sheets/programs/”eye candy art” and our “we are over 21 wrist bands” so that we can have beer with our bull riding. Following our purchase of Bud Light we went and got our pictures taken with Pistol Robinson (AKA “Pistol Pete) and Kolt Donaldson (or “The Guns” when they are together) who are rookies this year, are barely legal and SMOKING HOT!

We found our seats they weren’t great but they weren’t terrible either. Flint came out to start things off with a little audience participation. His “victim” this evening was a man named Chris from Gillette, Wyoming. Last week’s event winner Luke Snyder is leading the event at this point. Jamie needs an adult sippy cup to drink beer out in public. She spilled beer on not one but two people and all over a chair and the floor. One person got mad and actually left before the event was over. For the record, Jamie did apologize for spilling on them.


Saturday morning we went to Cabela’s (neither of us had ever been in a Cabela’s before) for an autograph signing. We got the autographs of JB Mauney, Austin Meier, Dustin Elliot, Flint Rasmussen, Robson Palermo, Guilherme Marchi, Ednei Caminhas, McKennon Wimberly, Luke Snyder, Helton Barbosa, Dustin Hall, Jarrod Craig, Jimmy Lathero, and Reese Cates. We got “Brazilian Sandwich” (Helton Barbosa and Guilherme Marchi) while we were there…we got a bunch of photo’s taken with our favorite riders. After the autograph session we came back to the hotel to work upload pictures off of our camera’s on the laptop and work on our “Dear Diary.” Then we wrote our “Hot Lists.” They are very interesting to read.

Round Two action…We started off with a little audience participation…Tonight our “victim” was a man named Billy Ray who is a plumber. Billy Ray West is a true personal friend of Flint Rasmussen’s now…good, bad, or indifferent. Tonight the energy in the building was out of this world! The photo taking aspect of our seats this evening was FANTASTIC! Plenty of behind the chutes, action/buck off/unusual dismounts AND BUTT CAM! There were a lot of really good bulls in the long round that we usually see in the short go which meant that there were some PHENOMINAL animal athletes for the top 15 guys in the event to get on. During the intermission before the short round our buddy Billy Ray won tickets to the first weekend of the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. The announcers said that it was the first time that Flint has ever come back out to the arena floor during intermission. Side Note: Jamie didn’t spill beer on anyone tonight! Short round action was very eventful…we had 2 90+ point rides and “graffiti”! Brian Canter ended up winning the event. He’s a little short fella from North Carolina. Jamie is taller than him when she’s wearing sneakers and she’s only 5’5”.
Note: We gave the "extra special" Iowa drivers the nickname "Idiots". The photo is of Austin Meier on the left, me in the middle and JB Mauney on the right. I keep forgetting to put this in my PBR posts, but if you go to you can do a rider search so you can put a face to the names that I keep mentioning in my posts.

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