Monday, April 21, 2008

I have a confession to make....

I'm addicted to my new Wii game. There I've admitted that I have a problem. That's the first step right? Also, I'm trying to kick my caffeine habit and I happy to say that I've only had two caffinated drinks since last Monday. I usually have at least 2 a day before I decided that I was going to to try and kick my habit. In other news...I'm still not a fan of Silk Soy Milk. One of my bosses is trying to quit smoking and I'll be honest he get's a little bit "testy" by the time 7 am rolls around. He's been on a little bit of a sugar high lately...I think he's craving and instead of giving in to the nicotine he's resorted to sugar....Like gum, blow pops, those sorts of things. Well I'm off to bed in a little bit. It's finally Monday (Monday is my Friday)! Happy day!

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rampy said...

If I had a Wii, I would probably be addicted too. I'm addicted to blogs. Happy Monday!
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