Thursday, April 10, 2008

I know it's supposed to be wordless thursday but....

I was reading on one the blogs that I frequent a lot and I came to this post:

"I have a problem that I think you might be able to help me with.
Here’s some background: My friend’s teenage daughter has a bad eating disorder. Bad. She does not respond to traditional treatment - either therapy or in-patient treatment. In fact, they don’t want her back in treatment. My friend and her husband have taken on the task of trying to help this girl.
But they are losing the battle.
I’m wondering if you have any ideas, suggestion or connections for ways to connect with this poor girl. Her treatment providers push her back into treatment - treatment doesn’t want her back. She bounces like a ball with no connections to anyone.
Her parents are desperate for some way to connect.
I’m looking for any suggestions, ideas, or experiences you might have with eating disorders, troubled kids or how you survived being 15 years old. If you see this post, please pass it along because we really need help."

If anyone out there who is reading has had any experiences or idea's that might be helpful, the link to the blog is : or the writer's e-mail address is:



1 All My Friends Say!:

The Empty Nest said...

I can't help you on that, I am trying to lose weight.

No seriously, that is a terrible disorder and very very difficult to treat. I feel for that person.