Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tribute to the Nice Girls

THIS, my friends, is a tribute to the nice girls... Those girls that finish far after the nice guys do. That have been told repeatedly that they'll be marriage material someday but not dateable now because, after all, young men want fun and sex and not stable, responsible relationships that might involve actual feelings. The girls that sit through their guy friend's rants and raves about how every girl he's ever met is a dumb bitch who doesn't appreciate the greatness that is he all while they bite their tongue to stop themselves from shouting out, "Open your freakin' eyes What you seek sits right in front of you" The girls who are willing to listen to car-talk or detailed lectures about the downfalls of the latest Xbox game. The girls who patiently trail along behind as their guy friend scrutinizes every single item the knife shop at the mall has to offer. THIS is in honor of those girls who love and love no matter what their silly, oblivious guy friend says or does, or feels, or believes about anything and everything.

THIS is for the girls who watch their drunken guy friend's back at parties or clubs, calmly diffusing any conflicts he starts while running off his stupid mouth. (If only he could remember all the bruises she'd saved him from.) Better yet, it's for the girls who have to do the same exact thing when the guy is SOBER For the girls who pretend they are their guy friend's girlfriend because his ex is around and he doesn't want to look pathetic. The girls who are either forgotten or put up on a shelf for later. The girls who are strung along, used, pressured, and/or tossed aside. THIS is for them.

THIS is for the late night phone calls begging for help on the exact manner in which he should ask out the girl he likes at school or work. And despite the fact that the nice girl wants him all to herself so badly it hurts, she writes him a script, which she knows will work like a charm. Or even the other late night calls where he needs help on a ten page essay that's due the next day... that he barely started doing the reading for. The nice girl sets aside her own work to lend a hand. After all, she can always get up extra early to finish her own paper.

THIS is also for all the times the nice girl's guy friend, while waiting outside for class to start or in the ticket line at the movie theater in the freezing cold, felt it was perfectly okay to snuggle up to her using her for warmth, but never thinking she'd wish it were more than that. Boys, that unhappy face she's making isn't from the discomfort caused by the chilly weather. It's that she knows this hug means nothing to you and never will. (Or perhaps it's from the hunger pains she's experiencing because she skipped breakfast to finish up her paper.)

Whoever it was that wrote the original essay attempted to explain why the nice guy finishes last. He (I assume it is a he) makes the following statement: "[...] the only conclusion I can form is that many girls are just illogical, manipulative bitches." Well, the only response I can muster is that many guys must just be stupid, blind, immature, and/or closet homosexuals.Thank you

3 All My Friends Say!:

Meg said...

LOVE it! HOW old are you again? Gosh, you really, really nailed it!

Hey, before I forget, the little Martini glasses in my signature were put in by Cynthia when she re did my blog.

I use to think I wanted my blog re do to reflect a country girl stuck in yuppie hell, but I think I did okay with what I ended up with. YOU definitely need to do a Country Girl theme...or a horsey!

Jamie said...

I'm 24. Thanks for your input on my upcoming blog makeover.

The Dairy Wife said...

Hi Jamie!

Great post! Can't wait to see the blog redo. I like the option of country girl stuck in the city. It wouldn't let me vote.

Kind of my my life here ... city girl on green acres with triplets and cows! ha ~

Take Care and have a great day,