Sunday, July 27, 2008

93 and still going strong

As I posted earlier yesterday was the party for my great grandma's 93rd birthday. Also posted about was the cemetery walk where we learned a little bit more about our ancestors who are buried in the Linn-Hebron Cemetery. So now I'll post a little bit about what I learned about my ancestors yesterday.

1. My Schulz ancestors are from the island of Rugen in Germany and worked in the agricultural "sector" of the country.

2. My great great grandfather Fred Schulz was in World War 1 and served on all three fronts. There was a story told about when he was on the western front and he looked out of his foxhole and saw enemy soldiers and thought "if I can see them, they can see me" and bugged out and left. Not long after he left his foxhole the whole hole was blown up by a morter.

3. My great grandfather Schulz is the one responsible for the Schulz's coming to America. He wanted his own land, his own things, his own life but my great great grandparents weren't ready to not be a family anymore. The war had just ended and they hadn't been a "family" during the duration of the war, so now that the war was over my great father's parents were determined to be a family again.

4. After the war was over my great great grandfather and family purchased a house that is no longer standing but that the Schulz family does now own again. My great great grandparents never sold the property when they came to America. They kept it "just in case." In 1995 my great uncle Russ went over to Germany and actually laid claim to the property so now it is once again back in the family.

5. The Schulz's left for America in 1923 and landed at Ellis Island when they got to America.

Those are just a few of the things that I learned about my ancestors and quite frankly that isn't even the tip of the iceberg! I can hardly wait for next year!

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Mercedes said...

I love your background picture. My Granny just turned 92 last Wednesday!