Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Blessings

I was having troubles getting the button to upload this week so I guess it's just going to be my blessings this week. I started this "challenge" with the hopes of winning a copy of blessed1's new book that she has written but now I think that every Friday is going to be "Friday's Blessings" around here at Bumps in the Road. So on to my blessings for this week, I'm focusing a little bit more on ME this week, so I apologize in advance if some of blessings might sound a titch selfish....

1. I'm thankful that after next Monday I'll be able to "shine" at work. For a long time my brother, his fiancee and I all worked at the same place and my brother was the first one that all the higher ups would go to first, then after he left they started going to his fiancee and now she's leaving so I guess I FINALLY get to have my turn. I know that might sound a little bit selfish but being in their shadow's for the 2 years that I've been at my job hasn't exactly been fun either.

2. I'm thankful that I'm finally in a place mentally that I understand that my body is not "perfect" and I love it for how it is. I despise the fact that society says you have to be rail thin and have perfect hair and perfect teeth and the perfect smile, etc., for someone/or yourself to love you/yourself.

3. I'm thankful that I am in the process of learning how to curb my spending habits. I've been pretty bad at this in the past but I think I'm finally getting a hold of it and figuring out the difference between need and want.

4 . I'm thankful that everything is going so well for Terri and her family after the surgery her and her dad had.

And finally....

5. I'm beyond thankful for all my friends and blogging friends out there. You guys and gals can really turn my day around for me so I thank you.

BITR Country Girl AKA Jamie

3 All My Friends Say!:

wornoutwoman said...

You're an amazing girl and I'm so blessed to have you join this challenge. This is Kim from Daily Blessings, but blogger automatically recongizes me under my other blog...wornoutwoman. Thank you for blessing my day when I tune in to read yours! Keep me in the loop if you continue doing this as I'd just like to keep coming here to read!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It's okay to be a bit selfish, although I don't think any of your things to be thankful for sound selfish in the least.

Girl, I struggled with my weight from the time I was 13 til I was 30. Guess what, when you can feel good about yourself(like you are!!!) and can maintain the weight that you have managed to come down to-enjoy it, buy a few nice things that you like and know that look good on you. In a few months you can concentrate on losing a few more pounds, if you still think you need to.

terri said...

You're not being selfish at all. You deserve to be in a place where you can shine and I'm glad you're getting the chance.

Thanks for thinking of and praying for my dad and me as much as you have. Your thoughts are appreciated more than you know!