Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's Blessings

Another week has come and gone making it Friday again, and Fridays here at Paradise is my day to post what I'm thankful for over the course of the week. My friend from work and I seem to be slowly but surely working out our differences which I'm extremely thankful for. Outside of my blogging buddies, Ashley, Jeanie, Jessi and her I don't have a whole bunch of friends out there. This whole deal has been kind of shakey on my confidence also. It seems like every move I've been making I've ended up second guessing....That part of this whole ordeal I am NOT so thankful for.

I'm extremely thankful that our "Back to College" season is almost over at work. This year we've been extremely understaffed, which has lead to short tempers, sore bodies, and all sorts of generally unhappy things. I've been with the company for 2 years and this is the worst it's ever been since I was hired. At first they couldn't get anybody to apply for overnights, then they got picky about who they hired and know they are just giving us pretty much whatever they can find. Which for the most part hasn't been so bad, but there are some in the last bunch that came in that are not so good. Christmas isn't even as bad as it's been for us the past few weeks.

My mom took a few days off of work (it ends up being a week with Labor Day thrown in) for the fair and just to recharge her batteries. We don't get to do stuff near as often as we like to anymore so the fair and hanging out the last couple of days have been a real bonding experience for us. So I guess we're making the fair an annual thing.

My "other little brother" Chris is home from Hawaii. He's in the military and he's been stationed in Hawaii for about a year now. He's home until September 12 so we've all got a little time "bond" before he heads back to California to finish training. In November his unit is being sent to Kuwait and then to Iraq around Christmas time so we're going to be worrying here at home for a while.

I'm one week away from a most definately earned 10 days off. I can hardly wait to be human again! I can hardly wait to do absolutely NOTHING too!

So I guess it's been a pretty good week around here for me. How about you? What are you thankful for this week?

2 All My Friends Say!:

Paige said...

Not so good for me, after putting my baby boy Thor the Great Dane to sleep last nite.

But I am grateful that he did not have to suffer in that we caught him bloating probably as it started, so he only had a few hours of misery, until we could drive to teh emergency vet and get a conclusion.

I sure dont feel very grateful right now though, I know I should be

terri said...

Sounds like you have some tough stuff to deal with but you're finding the silver lining. I'm glad you get a vacation from work. You deserve it.