Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kicking My Own A$$ Saturday Edition

Ok, so last night at work I walked 14,949 steps or 11.95 miles according to my pedometer. Pretty good if you ask me! The bad part is I fell prey to McDonalds last night and I think I'm headed in the wrong direction on the scale! My left knee is bugging me but I'm still going to go out and take my walk for today. See I'm headed in the right direction! Baby steps! I want to thank everybody who commented on the original "Kicking My Own A$$" post. I really appreciate all the suggestions, advice, links, and support. So I've gotten some excellent advice/suggestions I'm going to start coming up with a set of goals. So here's the first few:

1. I'm not going to be scale "dependent." I had this problem every other time I've tried to lose the weight. I wouldn't see a change in the numbers and I'd get discouraged and quit.

2. Portion control, portion control, portion control!

3. I'm going to try and keep the "excuses" to a minimum. Excuses don't lose weight.

4. I'm going to try to get at least one walk in a day.

5. I'm slowly going to wean myself off of soda. I was completely weaned off of caffeine for awhile but know it just needs to go all together.

So that's what I know for now.

2 All My Friends Say!:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

You need The Diet Plate, or if you're Uk you don't have to weigh food. It is a diet sized portion of food so you will lose weight, but there is a maintenance plate for when you are at goal. Its easy, it works, it is clinically proven and it is a one off purchase and in your cupboard for life! Compare the cost pound for pound, my weight loss cost me about 10 cents a pound, since i lost 84lbs and have had mine six years. Good luck, don't stress too much.

Blogger said...

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