Saturday, August 30, 2008

Work last night

Where do I start? Do I start with my brother's fiancee comitting to the turn at the light in front of our store and then stopping in the middle of the intersection and I dang near rear ended her? She's entirely WAY to cautious when it comes to driving and is going to cause an accident yet. I made it to work in one piece and pulled our manual pulls for a little over 3 hours before our autofills dropped (the manuals are pulls that we drop and are slightly smaller than the autofills which the computer system drops.). Then our store released 1,000+ college students loose in our store for 2 hours and you couldn't hear yourself think because it was so loud in there. The whole event wasn't planned very well. We were told we wouldn't be taking a truck....we took a truck. Nobody knew what was really going on at all...we were pretty much flying by the seat of our pants during this whole debacle. I left at 5 which was the end of my 10 hour shift so I went home and I've been working on my blog since I got home. Basically, work last night really wasn't worth getting out of bed for.

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