Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Girls

Yesterday while I was sleeping for work the shelter that we adopted Laci from called to see how things were going. Things are going GREAT right now. We have a couple issues sometimes but some of us just aren't as good at reading her body language as others. Laci and Shawna get along fabulously. We've only had one scuffle and that was over a bone so now we just buy two of everything. Our dogs don't even know that they're dogs anymore they are that spoiled! Laci likes to have an occasional grape and Shawna will eat just about anything. We are truly blessed to have these two great K-9's in our family.

BITR Country Girl

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Mercedes said...

Glad the doggies are getting along. You might want to research dogs eating grapes...I have heard not to give them grapes or raisins. Just an FYI from me to you!