Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Elvis Sighting!

Elvis was seen at the Iowa County Fair!
Elvis on an ass
Elvis on an ass part 2
Post Race Elvis
"Elvis" came in third in her race so she did not get to compete in the championship race but she still had fun. The "Elvis" costume won second in the costume contest.

3 All My Friends Say!:

The Wife said...

that's funny!

Train Wreck said...

Wow that is funny! Donkey races!! and Elvis! Now that's a show!

Paige said...

Now Elvis on an Ass is just straight up funny.

Once, when my mom, sis and I were living out of a Hyatt for a long time while Dad was in the hospital for God knows what, there was an Elvi convention at the hotel. We thought we had just had too much to drink, but for real, there were Elvises everywhere.

Damnedest thing I have ever seen