Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flip Flops...

I went and bought myself a brand new pair of flip flops for this spring/summer last night at work. I am determined that if I wear my flip flops long enough spring will actually get here. Right now here in WI we are in what I like to call "In Theory It's Spring." What happens during "In Theory It's Spring", is that we may have one or two really nice days in a row, where the weather is good, the temperature is appropriate for flip flops and other assorted spring time apparel and then we get a long string of really crappy days where the weather just sucks pond sludge. It's cold, windy, possibly raining and just your all around miserable. So here's to hoping that spring will actually show up sometime soon here in WI. Have a great weekend everybody. I will be working and then on Tuesday morning at 7:01 am (I work third shift) I will be on vacation for 10 WHOLE DAYS!



3 All My Friends Say!:

rampy said...

Aren't vacations wonderful?!!! Enjoy your time doing just what you want to do.

chasingsquirrelswithrusty said...

BARKLOVE vacation! Have fun.

Mom is around a lot more when she is on vacation so I like them too even if I don't have to work out of the home. Maybe is more people go get flip flops spring will hurry up! :)

Jamie said...

I love vacations! When I'm on vacation I'm "owned" by nobody but myself.