Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Pet Peeves

Yesterday I read on one of the blogs that I check out on a regular basis (The Empty Nest) about what the blogger's pet peeves are. So today I'm going to post some of my pet peeves. I too challenge you out there to post your pet peeves.

  • Slow drivers in the passing lane. It's called the passing lane for a reason people.
  • Car driver's who don't show "respect" to semi's and farm equipment. My uncle is a weekend farmer and a long haul trucker during the week, and it kinda scary to hear what he has to say about "small vehicles" lack of "respect" for his semi (and his personal safety) and his farm equipment (and again, his personal safety).
  • People who don't signal. This one drives me BANANA's AND it's unsafe for the people who coming at you or who are behind you also.
  • People who don't pull their weight. We have a lot of this were I work and it ticks me off a lot.
  • People who give me crap for having my pet's spayed. So I want to hopefully prevent adding to the number of animals who end up in shelters, and potentially "put down". SO SUE ME. I actually had a former co-worker give me a 30 minute lecture on why spaying and neutering is cruel to animals.
  • Stores who don't keep their carts properly maintained. I ALWAYS end up with the cart that has something wrong with it.

I think that's all for now. I'm sure that there are a ton that I'm forgetting but I've got some blogs to go check out.



1 All My Friends Say!:

Tasmaniac said...

I have to agree with all of them. I especially hate with a vengence getting a shopping cart, we call them trolleys, with a wonky wheel or the wheels seem fine but soon as the load gets heavier they veer left or right with a mind of their own no matter how hard you try to steer straight