Friday, April 25, 2008

Just because I felt the need to post some more photos

This is a picture of a Norwegian Stave Church that I took this past winter.
This is a photo of my Grandfather's Saint Bernard Howard. He passed not long after this photo was taken. He was just a loveable guy.
Just a random picture of the cow poster I have hanging in my room.
Some flowers (fake) out on our deck. There was still snow on the ground when this was taken.
A freshly groomed Laci!

2 All My Friends Say!:

ga.farmgirl said...

I love your photos. The Norwegian Stave Church is beautiful.
Howard looks a little like my dog. BoDog who is said to have a little Saint Bernard in him. I know you all miss Howard.
The cow poster is great!
Flowers are lovely. and Laci. Now there is a cutie pie!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the comment and stopping by! Howie was a great dog...not always the brightest and he'd sit right on your feet but he was great non the less!