Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Third Degree Rope Burn SUCKS!

When I was a Junior in high school my parents decided that they were going to get me a steer to show at the fair for my FFA project. My steer (Jingle) was a really pretty Black Angus/Texas Longhorn cross. The people that my parents bought him from spoiled him when he was a baby so he was kind of a pest from the get go. As the fair got closer my dad and I would go out to my uncle's farm where we were keeping Jingle and take him for a walk on his halter to get him used to the pace we would be going in the arena when we were showing and all the extra fun stuff that went along with getting a fair project ready so they DON'T freak out on you at the fair. The only downside to taking him for his walk was that while we were walking him we had to interact with my uncles heifers also. They liked to tag along on our walks around the cowyard.

On the night that I sustained my rope burn, we were out walking and one of my uncle's heifer's was in heat and jumped up on Jingle's back. This sent him into panic mode. Somewhere between Jingle's pen in the barn and where he went into panic mode, I managed to get my left hand tangled in his halter. When he took off running trying to get away from the horny heifer I got knocked down and was actually under Jingle....Let me tell you it's scary when you can count the spots on your fair projects belly! As he was running dragging me along cause I'm caught in the lead on his halter, it kept tightening around my hand. He stopped dragging me when I hit a pile of rocks in the cowyard and jerked to a stop....that's when Jingle managed to jerk the lead and my skin on my left hand where the lead had been away from me. Trust me it hurt like HECK! He did such a good job that he actually ripped the skin off all the way down to the muscle (that's what the ER doctor told us anyway)! My aunt happened to be up at her parents house at the time (they share a driveway) so we calle up there and relayed what had happened to her and she came back up to her house and gave me some Tylenol 3, then we called home to let my mom know that I had been injured. Then after my aunt's dad and my dad got Jingle back into his pen we loaded up the car and headed for home. Promptly upon arrival at our house I was shuffled from my dad's car to my mom's car for the journey to the ER.

In the ER I was entertained by an "interesting" version of Cinderella....Complete with gay mice and a Ferrari. Apparently my name was not taken off the board of people who have been "seen" because I saw approximately 5 different ER doctors who just could not grasp the fact that a large farm animal had injured me. Then we got both a doctor and a nurse who raised on farms who "got" how I was injured. The final prognosis after 6 doctors, an "interesting" story, and 4 hours later....was third degree rope burn. I had to have two trips to a plastic surgeon to make sure that there wasn't any nerve damage from the injury. I was also not allowed to touch Jingle for 2 weeks to keep the risk of infection done.

When I got back to school I fell two weeks behind in my class work because I was unable to write because I had injured the hand that I write with (I'm a lefty), and nobody seemed to even give a crap that I was hurt. Now I was two weeks behind, have a permenant scar on my left hand and people are giving me crap because I wasn't turning in any home work! Needless to say I spent the last month of my Junior year playing catch up because of this injury....Not fun at all!

And now you know the rest of the story!


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