Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Things I Could Do Without

I got this MEME off of That's My Answer....Hope you like it!

What are three things you could do without?

1. Paying $3.57 a gallon for gas.
2. Swiss Cheese, Broccoli, and Cauliflower
3. The Brad Pit/Angelina Jolie saga (basically I'm tired of hearing about the "usual suspects" of the celebrity world.)

What are three things that YOU could do without?

7 All My Friends Say!:

Gina's Public Diary said...

I think I'll do this one on my blog. Thanks!

Sharon said...

We have a diesel truck. the price here has been over $4.00 for a while. Yuck!

Jamie said...

Gina ~ Have fun with it I know I did!

Sharon ~ I'm sorry!

Country Girl said...

Love your pretty background, Jamie! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

I love swiss cheese and I apologize for that. I can do without pain. Yeah, let's do that one.

Jamie said...

Country Girl ~ Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm not a real big fan of pain either but I REALLY could do without Swiss Cheese!

Gina's Public Diary said...

Jamie, I did mine.

Jamie said...

I just checked it out Gina, those are some good ones!