Monday, July 28, 2008

Makeover Monday!

Monday's are Makeover Monday's here at Bumps in the Road. So today I'm going to talk about indugling myself. Now I LOVE to indulge myself but I DON'T like to spend a lot of money in the process, but there comes a time when you just have to and now I'm glad I spent the money on these products. I bought some products from Swisa Beauty that I really LOVE. These products have ingredients from the Dead Sea in them which was another drw forme besides how they made me and my skin feel. I bought the Body Butter simply because of how good it made my skin feel. Because of my job (which is really rough on my skin sometimes) to have my skin feeling really soft and smelling really good made me feel pretty girly. I bought the Dead Sea Facial Peel because I had yet to find a product ACTUALLY worked on my combination oily/dry skin and believe me it has done wonders in a short time for my skin. When you use the peel you can physically see all the dead skin particals that the product is getting rid of which is kinda creepy/enlightening. Because of the nature of my job my hands are now super rough and I was constantly lotioning my hands to try and keep some form of moisture in the skin. Which is why I bought Dead Sea Mineral Treatment for Hands and Feet. It's another one of those where you can see the dead skin particals if you use a basin or a large bowl when you are using the product. With this product my hands are super soft and stay that way much longer than with lotion.....Days longer actually. The products themselves are pretty pricey but if your looking for a solution for an issue with your skin and you haven't found the answer yet it might be worth a try.
How do YOU indulge yourself?

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