Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm two days behind AGAIN!

So as you know there was no Tirade Tuesday this week and no post yesterday. There was no Tirade Tuesday because I really had nothing but work that was ticking me off and that really seems to be a lost cause right now and I was helping my brother, his fiancee and their buddy/roommate finish packing and then move. Hence why there was no post yesterday, because it was moving day. So yet again I'm two days behind on my blogs and blogging but I hope to get caught up this morning.

Have a great day everybody!

BITR Country Girl

2 All My Friends Say!:

Mercedes said...

I am about almost a week behind on blog reading-lol! have posted every day though. Beginning of the school year is kicking my butt-lol!

terri said...

Not a lot to complain about? That's a good thing! Add it to your Friday Blessings post!