Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The hits keep coming...

One of my uncles is a "real piece of work" and all three of his children got that gene from him as well. That being said, my cousin...said uncle's oldest son is getting married on the second Saturday in September. My brother and I were NOT invited to the wedding or the reception. We're not the only ones to be shafted by this deal either. Another family member sent back a card saying that there would be 5 at from their family (they have three children) at the reception and my uncle had the balls (I apologize for the bluntness) to call them and tell them that they were under no circumstances allowed to bring their children to the reception. Doesn't he sound like a great guy?

5 All My Friends Say!:

Paige said...

Well it is kind of tacky to have responded so harshly, but I kind of get the exclusion of children at weddings. Was the invitation made to X and Y and family? or just X and Y? If it is a sit down dinner, and they are on a budget, or the guest list just has to be that limited, I can understand it. Some people do not like kids at formal events.

I sure know how it is to have some pieces of work in one's family--if we did not have them, there would be nobody in ours!

Maybe that is why I am so mental

Bekah said...

Having just planned a wedding, I know how hard it can be to pay for everything, and sometimes couples just cant afford to have kids there. Like Paige said, if the invite was only addressed to MR and Mrs, not the family, they were probably trying to imply that kids werent invited. doesnt explain why they didnt invite you and your brother though...wierd. and yeah..totally too harsh to respond like that when the kids were RSVPd for.

MichelleSG said...

Now every family has got one (or two if you're really lucky), my question is, why would you want to go? We've got one of those uncles on my hubby's side and dang it all if we wouldn't dance a jig if we weren't invited! It was one of the main reasons we moved from San Diego to San Antonio. They even called us recently to invite us for Labor Day festivities and a baby shower for one of his kids and we (regretfully) declined since there was no way in hey howdy we were going to pay airfare to go and visit them. Oh nooo way. Now you don't have to make up excuses or waste money and buy them a present. Consider yourselves lucky!

Jamie said...

MichelleSG ~ We'll put it this way my father is not the favorite child or sibling so we're kinda last to know about everything. Wasn't going to go anyway....On my 10 days off NO WAY!

Bekah ~ The invite for the other family was addressed to the family. That and he told my cousin that he couldn't invite most of HIS own friends to the wedding either.

Paige ~ I totally get if you don't want children there but to be as rude about it as he was is just totally unacceptable to me.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sounds like they are on a shoestring budget, but you would think that if money was that big of a problem, that they would have a private ceremony and then the kids could pay for as large a reception as they could afford.
Sounds really weird and rude that father of the groom is telling the groom who he can and can't invite.
Family...you can't pick em, but you sure don't have to associate with em' either.