Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's just another day in paradise!

So I've been dealing with a crap ton of BS at work lately as I have blogged about recently. To make things even of my friends at work is believeing every single falsehood that anyone tells her that I said. So instead of my week getting better it's gone to hell in a handbasket. Cause not only is she believeing it she won't even talk to me personally about it. It's crap like this that makes me glad I'm looking for a new job!

On a happy calendar has been shipped! I can hardly wait for it to arrive so I can introduce you all to "Mr. (Insert Month Here)!"

The dog is yet again taking up the whole bed! This time she's sprawled right down the middle of it! I can hardly wait until she gets into a really deep sleep and the snoring starts!

4 All My Friends Say!:

Bekah said...

i love dogs, they are ridiculous. Mine jumped up on my bed this morning and dropped his rawhide on my head. what a way to wake up!

sorry about your friend! hope she wisens up soon

Jamie said...

I hope she does too. I woke up this morning with a 26 pound Cocker Spaniel between my legs. She likes to sleep in the most unusual postions too. Weird dog. Love her to death though.

Jamie said...

Just for the record when you have a 26 pound Cocker Spaniel sleeping anywhere on you things like turning over, moving your legs are deemed "personal challenges."

terri said...

Sounds like you need to get out of that place ASAP. Hope the job search is going well.