Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why do people SUCK?!

I know I should save this for "Tirade Tuesday" but I'm wondering if anyone out there can answer this burning question "Why do people SUCK?" Everybody is entitled to a bad day at work every now and then right? Well that "day" was Friday for me....I just was not performing like I usually do because I was flat out exhausted from spending three days helping my brother and his fiancee and their room mate move. Well last night I got to work, punched in and my supervisor proceeded to question me about the situation. I told him what the "issue" was and then he proceeded to tell me that he couldn't have a repeat performance of that in ever again. Not only is that NOT fair to me but it flat out sucks that he chewed me out in the middle of an aisle while the store was still open. So can any one out there tell me why people suck?

1 All My Friends Say!:

terri said...

People like that have low self esteem. They can only make themselves feel stronger and more powerful by making someone else feel bad. The right thing to do would be to discuss it in private, but he didn't give you that courtesy. He needs to grow up.