Sunday, September 28, 2008

In the 1/2 hour since I've been home....

I've done the following:

  • Put both of my dogs outside to find that the little one was "naughty" on the carpet....AGAIN!
  • Mentally cussed out little dog....AGAIN!
  • Brought both dogs in...."Satan's Little Helper" get's a "time out" and "Dinosaur" gets a good dog treat.
  • Discussed with my mom that we either need a crate for little dog or we need to consult with the vet.
  • Ate a cup of yougurt, 3 tootsie rolls (the long roll, not the little teeny tiny ones) and a snickerdoodle (love me some snickerdoodles!).
  • Turned on both of our computers.
  • Cleaned up my bathroom....didn't look quite like a tornado had hit it yet but still not pleasant.
  • Started checking out my blogs.
  • Found out that Paul Newman has passed away.
  • Mentally cussed out Bath and Body Works for having so many great smells.
  • and started writing this post.

5 All My Friends Say!:

MichelleSG said...

Crate train, all my dogs are crated when we leave the house. Can't have it any other way. Each one has something they will do that will get them in trouble otherwise. Jaynie goes nutso at the windows and risks busting out the glass, Roxie will dig into a cabinet to get to food and Corbie will pee or poo anywhere but in a crate (and he's a poo eater ewww). Dang dogs will be the death of me...

terri said...

Bath and Body has a body spray called Moonlight Path that I just LOVE! I have to go get some more of that.

I was so sad to hear Paul Newman died. He was one of the few celebrities that was truly a good person.

Heather T said...

I would crate train, and then go outside with them to make sure the young one isn't just playing when he/she is outside. Then lots of positive reinforcement/praise/treats when he/she does go potty outside. If you do catch them in the act then just rush him/her outside and let them finish there. Just a suggestion. I have had dogs who do this (potty inside RIGHT after being outside) and it works good to do more one on one with them and make sure they aren't just goofing off outside.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

PLEASE come clean my bathroom, too? LOL Did my cleaning post get you in the mood for it? hahaha


gingela5 said...

Don't you love it when dogs leave surprises?! I would say crate train but my dogs aren't crate trained so I don't know much about it! I wish you all the luck in the world!