Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Wedding for me!

I decided to stick to my guns and not go to the wedding yesterday. Apparently, I didn't miss much anyway. My mom said the highlight of the whole thing was when the person performing the ceremony called my cousin by the wrong name (Brian instead of Ryan). So I stayed home and watched season 4 of Grey's Anatomy all day. It rained here pretty much all day so there was no walk for Ms. Laci and I yesterday.

But this morning we went a little further on our walk than we usually do...We live in an extra hilly part of our town so we added an extra block, complete with extra hills that we had to go both up and down to get to and from home. I'm thinking about doing another mile or so on the bike again today too.

1 All My Friends Say!:

MichelleSG said...

Smart girl, going to the wedding was probably just asking for trouble. Really, life is hard enough, why poke at sleeping bears?
BTW I was in the book store today and I picked up a book today and thought you might like it. It had a terrible title, Skinny Bitch. I flipped through it and I hate to say it but much of what it said was very true. It's a diet book but it's written probably in a way that I would write if I wrote a diet book. In other words they didn't sugar coat it and they just cut to the chase. They do this awesome thing though where they spell out a day by day meal by meal process of what to eat easy to follow type thing for those who need more direction thought that is kind of nice. Check it out next time you're in a book store but if you want to buy it it's cheaper on Great job keeping up on the excercise!