Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I've learned from Cabela's Big Game Hunter....

Well first of all, I’d just like to say that sometimes I’m just easily amused and the little things will keep me happy for a pretty long time. I have a few other Wii games but I’ve played them all so many times that I’m pretty bored with them for right now. So I got Cabela’s Big Game Hunter to get me back in the game. So far I’ve learned that if your not that of a gamer (like me) the whole looking around (surveying the countryside for game) is not going to be the easiest task you’ll come across in this game. If you happen to not check and see exactly what you can hunt while accomplishing your mission and you kill something you should not have, you get what I like to call a “Ha Ha sucks to be you” message and you get to start over. The graphics on this game are really nice…The fox look like fox…The elk look like elk. You get the picture. I’ve also learned that I really need to work on steadying my grip and work on my aim….I killed at least 30 trees yesterday when I was playing…Poor trees.

So in answer to your comment Beth…I think that this game is worth the money. I’m having a ton of fun with it and I’ve only owned it a day (but please also remember I’m easily amused sometimes). Plus sometimes it’s just super fun to kill at least 30 trees while your trying to “whack” your one elk before you go on a quest to find out what the Mule deer in this game look like (I never did see one before I turned it off and went to bed yesterday….Maybe I’ll see one today, who knows?!).

I did see some Mule deer this morning when I was playing…They too look like Mule deer. I’m apparently better at this game than I’m giving myself credit for because I made it to the first save point! I must be better at the whole nunjuck/remote handling thing than I thought?!

P.S. When our internet is not being screwy, I’m going to post some pictures of my girls (our dogs) Laci (who snore really loud and possibly has separation anxiety) and Shawna (She’s 19 years old and still going strong).

Have a great day!


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